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Running the 2.11 Toolbox

To start the 2.11 Toolbox:
  1. Ensure that your environment variables are set properly.

  2. Change to your working directory (where you store the coverages used with the 2.11 Toolbox), and start ArcInfo (type arc at the UNIX prompt).

  3. Ensure that your AMLPATH and MENUPATH both point to the directory $TOOLBOX.amls, as described in Installing the 2.11 Toolbox. (You can check these parameters in ArcInfo by using the &show &amlpath and &show &menupath commands.)

  4. Finally, type &r toolbox at the Arc: prompt.

You can also run the can also run the Network Conversion module directly, bypassing the main 2.11 Toolbox program. To do this, simply follow the above procedure, except in the final step, type &r cvt instead of &r toolbox.

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