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Project Database

The Project Database refers to the collection of all network changes (called Projects) that are defined in the 2.11 Toolbox.

Technical Details

The Project Database is an ArcInfo route system, and consists of routes and sections. For our purposes, it can be said that a particular route consists of one or more sections, each of which corresponds to an arc in the Base Network (see Coverages and Files Used by the 2.11 Toolbox).

Each project is stored as a route in the Project Database, and contains general project information, such as its name, ID#, and year of implementation. Characteristics of individual project links, such as the number of lanes and link type, are stored on the sections. (Note that although ArcInfo allows sections to only cover only portions of arcs, the 2.11 Toolbox does not. Sections must always consist of entire arcs.)

For more information about how project attributes are defined in the 2.11 Toolbox, see Item Definitions for the Project Database. For a technical discussion of how turn functions are stored, see The Turns Database.

For more information about using route systems and dynamic segmentation, please refer to the ArcInfo documentation.

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