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Display Modes

There are two display modes available in the 2.11 Toolbox: Fast Mode and Full Mode. The mode is toggled with the Fast/Full Button button on the Main Menu. An indicator, Fast Mode Indicator, will appear on the Main Menu when you are in Fast Mode.

In Fast Mode, the amount of information on the screen is reduced to make viewing project related information much faster. When a project is selected, the Link Attributes menu will not appear, and the ArcEdit Window will not be updated. However, the internal coordinates of the display are set to the extent of the selected project, so redrawing the screen, either by using the Pan/Zoom menu or typing <CTRL-R> in the ArcEdit Window will cause the selected project to appear in the display.

Tip: When an action is initiated that cannot be performed in Fast Mode, such as creating a new project, the Toolbox will automatically revert to Full Mode.

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