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Quick Overview of EMME/2

EMME/2 is a state-of-the-art urban transportation planning system, offering planners a comprehensive set of tools for traffic and transportation modeling. It also provides decision support capabilities, allowing the simultaneous description, analysis and comparison of several proposed scenarios, and providing methods for evaluating various transportation and land use development alternatives.

EMME/2 provides a general framework for implementing a wide variety of travel forecasting models. These can range from the simple implementation of a four step model to more refined demand models and their integration into a variety of road and transit assignment procedures. Impact and evaluation analysis is also possible.

EMME/2 offers the planner a wide variety of tools for the direct comparison of future scenarios which may reflect changes in the road and transit network or changes in the socio-economic characteristics of the urban area studied. Once the data bank is set up, the planner can take advantage of easy visualization of input data, results of interactive computations, assignment results, and other information. Data can be entered into the model interactively, or in batch mode, and a macro language can automate many modeling tasks.

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