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Configuration File

The Configuration File is where much of the behavior of the 2.11 Toolbox is defined. There are actually several configuration files, but most are created by the program to store parameters such as menu positions, coverage names, and other preferences set by the user while using the 2.11 Toolbox. To the user, therefore, the most important configuration file is called .toolbox.cfg, and is found in your home directory.

Tip: The file .toolbox.cfg may not appear during an ordinary directory listing. To see all hidden files, type ls -a at the UNIX prompt.

All of the entries in the Configuration File are of the form: &s <parameter> <value>.
.perlFull pathname of your Perl interpreter (e.g. /usr/bin/perl)
.awkFull pathname of your awk interpreter (e.g. /usr/bin/nawk)
.sed Full pathname of your sed interpreter (e.g. /usr/bin/sed)
.editorFull pathname of your favorite text editor (e.g. /usr/bin/vi)
.display_typeArcInfo display type (usually 9999)
.term_typeArcInfo terminal type (usually 9999)
.auto_zone_countingShould the 2.11 Toolbox use the number of polygons in your Zone Boundary Coverage as the number of TAZ zones? (.TRUE. for yes, .FALSE. for no)
.number_of_zonesNumber of TAZ zones in your EMME/2 model. Used when there is no Zone Coverage specified, or when .auto_zone_counting is set to .FALSE..
.zonenumitem Name of the item in your Zone Coverage that specifies TAZ number (must be defined as numeric)
.current_yearThe current year in nnnn format.
.draw_on_deleteIf .TRUE. then redraw the screen after a project has been deleted. If .FALSE., don't. (Typically .TRUE.)
.descr_pathPathname for text description files (typically .)
.outfile_pathPathname for EMME/2 conversion output files (typically .)
.logfileName of error log file created by NetCheck (typically error.log)
.autofixfileName of autofix file created by NetCheck (typically autofix.aml)
The following two items are used to convert EMME/2 units to ArcInfo. For example, if EMME/2 units are km, and ArcInfo units are m, use 1000. Use 5280 for mi-ft, and 1 for no unit conversion.

Tip: EMME/2 cannot handle link lengths greater than 1000 units, so choose your units accordingly.

.coordinate_factorX & Y coordinate multiplier
.length_factorLink length multiplier

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