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Building an EMME/2 Network

After you have defined a group of projects with the Project Selection Builder, and have clicked on the Build button, an EMME/2 simulation network will be created.

First, a serial number (made from the date and time of conversion) is assigned to the conversion. This number is used to ensure that all files created during a particular conversion run are unique and identifiable. This number is appended to the names of all files created, and is included in their bodies where appropriate.

Before the EMME/2 network is created, number of checks are run. If any invalid attributes, node numbers, or other items likely to cause an error in EMME/2 are found, they will be repaired automatically, and a message will be added to the appropriate EMME/2 file. Note that error corrections are not made to your original coverage -- run NetCheck to find and correct errors in the original coverage.

During the conversion process, several files are created:

d211.<serial number>
The main EMME/2 network file. It can be loaded into EMME/2 using module 2.11. The header of this file contains a list of projects included, the project selection criteria (the Selection Sentence), the serial number of the network, and a list of any errors encountered during the conversion process. In all but the most extreme cases, the conversion module will correct any errors it encounters, and the network should load into EMME/2 successfully.
d231.<serial number>
Turn function file. This file can be loaded into EMME/2 using module 2.31. The header contains a copy of the serial number and a lost of any errors encountered during the conversion process.
list.<serial number>
Project list file. This file contains a list of all projects contained in the created network, and can be used with the Predefined List of Projects function on the Project Selection Builder menu. The list file can be used as-is to build an identical network, or can be modified with any text editor.
profile_summary.<serial number>
A list of all unique link attribute profiles and their frequency. This file is useful for spotting odd link configurations that may be the errors.

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