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Select Menu
Selects a group of features.
Select Menu

The select menu can help the user select a group of features. If you are familiar with the basic ArcEdit selection commands, then the use of this menu will be obvious.

The buttons New Set Button, Subset Button, Add To Button, and Remove  Button determine the selection mode, and correspond to the ArcEdit commands Select, Reselect, Aselect, and Unselect respectively. The buttons One Button, Many Button, etc. correspond to the common ArcEdit selection options. Use the Clear Button button to clear the selected set, and ED  Button to change the ArcEdit parameter Editdistance (which determines how close to an object the cursor must be before it is selected). The Selected display reports how many items are currently selected.

The default selection mode is New Set, which will automatically change to Add To when an item is selected. This feature reduces the likelihood of accidentally deleting a group of selected items.

To hide the menu, use the Dismiss Button button.

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