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Selecting Projects with the
Project Selection Builder

Selects projects for inclusion in an EMME/2 simulation network
Project Selection Builder

The Selection Builder is used to select a group of projects for inclusion in an EMME/2 simulation network. It is launched by clicking Build EMME/2 Network on the Main Menu, or by running the network conversion program directly (for details, please refer to Running the 2.11 Toolbox).

The first step in building an EMME/2 network is to select a set of projects. This can be done in two ways. First, by using the Predefined List of Projects button, you can use a set of projects that are stored in a list file. A list file is simply a list of Project Numbers in ASCII format, one per line, and can be created using any text editor. An alternative method of creating List Files is explained in Building an EMME/2 Network.

The second method of selecting projects is to use the Project Selection Builder, an English-language interface for describing sets of projects. As you click on buttons representing words, a selection sentence is built, describing the group of projects you wish to include in a simulation network.. The current sentence is displayed on the menu below the "I want projects..." message.

Tip: To build a Base Network, simply click on the Convert button without defining a group of projects.

Selecting Projects by Date

Perhaps the most common method of grouping projects is by date. When a project is defined, it is assigned an implementation date. By using the Before, During, and After buttons with the Date List list, you can define a group of projects by date. For example:

Selecting Projects by Group

Sometimes selecting projects by date is not enough. For example, if you wanted to compare two 2005 year networks under different funding scenarios, say constrained and full-build, simply using dates would not give the desired results. Groups, however, can. If you have, for example, assigned all of your "must build" projects to Group A (see the Project Attributes Menu for a description of how this is done), and all of your "full-buildout" projects to Group B, then by using the Group A and Group Bbuttons, selecting your two groups of projects is easy. For example:

Tip: Projects can belong to more than one group.

Including or Excluding Specific Projects

There are times when you may want to select a more specific group of projects than is possible by using dates and groups alone. By using the Also and Except in conjunction with the Project Number Listlist box, you can add or remove specific projects from the selection criteria. For example:

Putting It All Together

By using the And, Or, Are, and Are Not buttons, it is possible to combine the above elements, adding and excluding projects by date, group, or individually to create elaborate project selections.

Additional Controls

The Back button can be used to erase the selection sentence word by word. To clear the entire sentence and start again, click ion Clear.

To show a list of projects selected by the current selection sentence, click on List Selected. Show Selected will highlight the selected projects in the ArcEdit window.

When you are satisfied with the list of projects you have selected, click on Convert to build an EMME/2 network. Cancel aborts the selection process, and returns you to the Main Menu or the ArcEdit prompt, depending on how you ran the Selection Builder.

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