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Adding Projects With The New Project Menu
Add a new project to the Project Database
New Project Menu

The New Project Menu is used to add new projects to the Project Database. The menu is displayed when the user clicks on the Add Project button on the Main Menu.

Enter a unique name and number for the project in the Name and ID# fields. The name serves as a brief description of the project, and is listed on the Project Names menu. The number is listed on the ID# menu, and can is also used for specifying projects while Building an EMME/2 Network.

Tip: Entering 0 for the ID# will tell the Toolbox to automatically assign it the next available project number.

Enter the year that the project should be included in simulation networks in the Year field. For most projects, this is the year that the project is scheduled for implementation. Note that the year must be entered in nnnn format.

In addition to entering project information, you must select which links are to be included in the project. You can select links with the Select Menu, which is displayed automatically when a new project is defined. Should it become hidden, the Select Menu can be redisplayed by clicking on Select Menu Button.

Tip: While selecting, you can change the extent of the current Edit Window by using the Pan/Zoom menu in the upper left corner.

Clicking the Add Link button displays the Add Menu, where you can add new links to the base network coverage. By default, any links added using this facility will be defined as "not existing" in the Base Network. (For more information, please refer to Important Concepts.)

Tip: In general, it is better to add links to the network from ArcEdit directly, because the 2.11 Toolbox does not replicate ArcEdit's full range of editing tools.

When the project information is correct, and the appropriate links are selected, click on Make Project Button to enter the project into the Project Database. The New Project and Select menus will be replaced with the Project Attributes and Link Attributes menus, where project and link-specific information can be edited.

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