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Running NetCheck
Run various network consistency checks
NetCheck Menu

NetCheck is launched by clicking NetCheck Button on the Main Menu.

Finding Errors

NetCheck can run a variety of database integrity and consistency checks on your coverages, checking for a wide variety of common errors and problems. To run NetCheck, simply indicate the checks you want to run by using the buttons on the menu. To run the checks, click on Perform Checks. To quit NetCheck, click Cancel.

Tip: Before running NetCheck, your network will be saved automatically.

The following list summarizes the function of each check:

Fixing Errors

When the checks are complete, NetCheck will report its results to you. If it found any errors, it will indicate the problem, and, in most cases, will create an autofix AML to repair the problem. You can view the autofix AML, and choose whether to run it or not. If you decide not to run the AML, it will be saved in your working directory where you can modify it and run it manually if you choose to do so at a later time. Note that if you do decide to modify and run the autofix program manually, do so immediately after running NetCheck as some of its functions are sensitive to the particular state of the coverages. If you make any network changes manually or with the 2.11 Toolbox, run NetCheck again before running the autofix file.

Note that when a file list window is displayed, you can use the Continue button to display more of the file in the window, and Quit to hide it. Due to an AML limitation, you cannot access any menus or other ArcInfo functions while a file display window is on the screen.

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