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Main Menu
Main Toolbox menu
Main Menu

The Main Menu is the central control panel for the 2.11 Toolbox. In addition to providing access to all the major program functions, the menu displays current project information, status messages, and instructions for the user.

Add New ProjectAdd a new project to the Project Database. You will be presented with the New Project menu, which prompts for information about the new project, and the Select Menu which allows you to define the scope of the new project.
Delete Selected ProjectDelete Selected Project. Deletes the currently selected project from the Project Database.
List Projects On A LinkList projects on a link. You will be prompted to select a link from the Edit Window. If there are any projects that include the selected link, a display menu similar to the Sel Project Menu is displayed listing them. Like the Sel Project menu, you can select projects directly from it.

Tip: This function is particularly useful with links that are included in several different projects.

Change Toolbox SettingsDisplay the Settings Menu to control which features are drawn, and how they are symbolized.
Run NetCheckStart NetCheck, and run a host of network consistency checks.
Build EMME/2 Network Build a customized Simulation Network for EMME/2.
Add Turn FunctionsAdd turn functions to the Turns Database.
Delete Turn FunctionsDelete all Turn Functions at a node. You will be prompted to select a node.
Toggle Fast/Full ModesToggle between Fast and Full Mode.
Launch ArcEdit ShellLaunch an ArcEdit Command Shell. In this shell, you have full access to the entire ArcEdit command set. You could, for example, use this function to add the drawing of an aerial photograph to the ArcEdit drawing environment. To exit from the shell, type &return at the ArcEdit prompt.

Tip: In the ArcEdit shell, you will have complete control of the system. It is possible to change settings and manipulate variables upon which the 2.11 Toolbox depends. Proceed with caution!

Save NetworkSave any changes you have made to the Project Database, Turns Database, or Base Network.
Quit 2.11 ToolboxQuit the 2.11 Toolbox. Note that information such as menu positions and symbology is saved automatically upon quitting.

Tip: Should the Main Menu become hidden, you can redisplay it using the small Menus pull-down menu.

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