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Link Attributes Menu
Manipulates link attributes
Link Attributes Menu

The Link Attributes menu is used to view and edit the attributes of a selected project link. Attributes of the project as a whole can be manipulated with the Project Attributes menu.

The menu has four columns of EMME/2 attributes, two for the Base Network, and two for the selected project link project, defining the bi-directional link. (For more information about directional attributes, please refer to Important Concepts.)

The Length field at the top of the menu can be used to enter a customized link length.

Tip:If the field is set to 0, ArcInfo will calculate the correct link length when an EMME/2 network is built.

The DS button can be used to highlight the selected link should it somehow become hidden.

There is a row of buttons along the bottom of the menu to help manipulate attributes within the selected link.
Switch Directions Button Exchanges the attributes in the Project Link, Along and Project Link, Against columns.
Same As Along Button Sets the attributes in both project columns to those stored in the Project Link, Along column.
Same As Against Button Sets the attributes in both project columns to those stored in the Project Link, Against column.
Same As select Button Sets the attributes in both columns to be the same as another link in the project, chosen by the user.

The Next Button button will select and highlight the next link in the project, and select Button allows the user to select any link in the project using the mouse.

The Add Button button lets users add additional links to the project, while Delete Button removes the selected link from the project.

Tip: Attributes can easily be copied and pasted using the Profiles Menu, which is displayed whenever the Link Attributes menu is visible.

Clicking on Flip Button will change the direction of the arrow, and will also exchange the link attributes so that there is no functional change in the way the link is modeled. This button is provided mainly for aesthetic reasons.

The Window Button button will create a new ArcEdit window zoomed in on the selected link.

For each EMME/2 attribute, the adjacent ? button will display a user-customizable help menu for that item.

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