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Running the Ensemble Editor
Edit and display EMME/2 Zone Ensembles
Ensemble Editor Menu

The Ensemble Editor is a Toolbox add-on that makes it easy to manipulate EMME/2 zone ensembles in ArcInfo.

Running the Ensemble Editor

To start the editor, type &r ensembles from the Arc or ArcEdit prompt. If you are running Ensemble Editor in the current directory for the first time, or have deleted the Ensemble Database, the editor will automatically build a new one.

The Ensemble Editor menu will be displayed, along with a Zone Map showing each zone colored according to its group number. You can change the extent of the Zone Map display window by using the Pan/Zoom menu in the upper left corner of the window.

You can have up to 26 different zone ensembles, named A, B, C, etc. Each ensemble can contain several groups of zones, numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. To select a particular ensemble to edit, type its letter into the Ensemble field. To select a group, enter its number in the Group ID field.

Setting or Changing a Zone's Group

Editing ensembles consists of selecting one or more zones, which are automatically assigned to the group shown in the Group ID field. Six buttons are provided to help you select zones, labeled One, Box, Poly, etc. If you are familiar with the basic ArcInfo selection commands, their function should be obvious.

If you want to display the Group number for each zone, click on the Group IDs checkbox. To show the zone number, click on the Zone Nums checkbox.

Tip: When you quit the Ensemble Editor, your changes are automatically written to the Ensemble Database.

Loading Zone Ensembles from EMME/2

In order to load a group of ensembles from EMME/2, you must first save them to a text file using EMME/2 module 3.01. You can save ensembles individually or put all 26 into a single file.

To load the ensembles into the Ensemble Database, click on Load Ensemble Group from EMME/2, and enter the name of the file you created in EMME/2.

Tip: When loading an ensemble file created by saving only selected ensembles, only the saved ensembles will be loaded into ArcInfo. Your other ensembles will be retained.

Saving Zone Ensembles to EMME/2

To save ensembles in the Ensemble Database to a file formatted for use in EMME/2, click on the Save Ensembles To An EMME/2 Formatted File button. You will be prompted for a file to write the ensemble information to, which can then be loaded into EMME/2 using module 3.01.

Tip: Only ensembles that have been defined will be written to the output file. When read into EMME/2, your other ensembles will be preserved.

Quitting the Ensemble Editor

When you are done editing your ensembles, click on Quit to exit the Ensemble Editor.

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