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Creating Turn Functions
With The Add Turns Menu

Add turn functions to Turns Database
Add Turns Menu

Adding turn functions to the Turns Database is a two step process. A group of one or more turn functions is first defined, and then built. This implementation is for performance reasons -- defining a turn function in ArcInfo is complex, and adding a number of functions individually to the Turn Database can be tedious.

Defining Turns

The first step in adding a turn function is to enter the appropriate attribute information. Enter the desired function number into the Turn Function field, and for UP1, UP2, and UP3. If you want to associate the turn with a particular Project, enter the project number in the Project# field. Clicking on ? will load a user customizable help menu for the adjacent attribute.

Tip: Entering "0" in the Project# field will create an "unassociated" turn function that will be included in all EMME/2 networks that contain both the From and To arcs of the turn.

Anatomy of a Turn Function

Anatomy of a Turn Function

When you have entered the attribute information, click on Add Button. You will be prompted to select a From arc and a To arc. Repeat the above procedure until you have entered all the turns you want.

Tip: During the selection process, you can adjust the extent of the ArcEdit Window by using the Pan/Zoom menu.

Building Turns

To build all added turns, click the Build Button. This will complete the turn definition process, and enter your turn functions in the Turns Database.

Tip: The Unbuilt Turns display tells you how many turns you have added, but not yet built.

Deleting Turns

To delete a Turn Function, click on the Delete Turn Functions button on the Main Menu. You will be prompted to select a node, and all functions at that node will be deleted from the Turns Database. At this time, there is no way to delete turns individually using the 2.11 Toolbox.

For more information about how turn functions are stored, please refer to the Turns Database.

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