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Christopher N. Eykamp

GIS Application Development · GeoDatabase Design · Cartographic Design & Production
Internet Development ·Computer Programming

e-mail:       fax:  +1 208 247-6530 (USA)

Key Technical Skills

  • Project Coordination
  • GIS Application Development and Analysis
  • Spatial Database & Enterprise GIS Design and Implementation
  • GeoDatabase Modeling and Dataset Transition
  • Cartographic Design and Production
  • VisualBasic and MapObjects Application Development
  • HTML, JavaScript, ColdFusion, and CGI Programming

Work Experience
Seal of the City of Portland
Quick Summary
· Database Design
· Internet Architecture
· ColdFusion / SQL Server
   Internet and GIS Developer
Spring 2001 - Present    Current Job! 

City of Portland

Portland, Oregon  

Created and implemented detailed design for complex Internet-based application to coordinate city and county agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies to find and provide suitable housing for low-income and special-needs tenants. Project included database design, detailed interface to implement business rules, with a focus on user interface and ease-of-use. Project required extensive interaction with clients, design teams, focus groups, and sub-contractors.

Designed and developed Internet-based graffiti tracking system to allow users to record details of graffiti cleanup activity and to facilitate communication between police, prosecutors, and cleanup teams. Developed using ColdFusion and SQL Server.

New USAF Logo
Quick Summary
· GeoDatabase Design
· ArcMap Development
· Visual Basic / MapObjects Programming
   Senior GIS Analyst
Fall 1999 - Fall 2000 

US Air Force

Okinawa, Japan  

Headed efforts to migrate existing GIS database and systems to ArcMap and GeoDatabase technology. Designed and developed Rapid Runway Repair application to assess airfield damage from enemy attack, select minimum airstrip for launching aircraft, and prioritize runway repair. Application developed using Visual Basic and MapObjects, and features heads down data-entry, visual map interface, and flexible data requirements, and is under consideration for adoption across the Air Force Pacific Command.

Helped develop core GIS databases, assess customer requirements, and plan future direction of Enterprise GIS program. Created maps, made presentations, trained staff, and developed new avenues and methodologies for presenting geospatial data to users.

Quick Summary
· User Needs Assessment
· Database Design
   Database Consultant Fall 1999 


Niamey, Niger  

Designed central database for AGRHYMET, a nine-nation organization dedicated to famine early warning and prevention. Database tracked population, livestock herd sizes and disease data, rainfall and river flows, crop conditions, harvest information, and market price data, with links to an external GIS. Database designed to be compatible with multiple existing systems, and to be operated in three languages -- French, English, and Portuguese. Produced documentation, implementation guide, and reports detailing database structure and design methodology, along with recommendations for future development.

Cargill Logo
Quick Summary
· Research Programmer
· Application Development
   Senior Research Programmer Winter 1999 - Summer 1999 


Minneapolis, Minnesota  

Developed tools and applications to support agricultural modeling system for predicting crop yields in North America, China, and Brazil. Wrote satellite image processing programs to generate statistical model inputs in C, Perl, and AML. Enhanced imagery by implementing cloud screening algorithms. Created applications to summarize USDA soil classifications across the United States. Wrote scripts to automate data download and manipulation, and programs to reprocess weather station data from China.

Consorcio Brasiliana Logo
Quick Summary
· Project Management
· Interface Development
   Project Consultant Fall 1998 

Consórcio Brasiliana

São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro / Brasília, Brazil  

Conducted comprehensive performance review of long-range nationwide economic planning project. Interviewed clients and made presentations to staff from the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) and the Ministry of Planning (MPO). Analyzed planning methodologies, developed work plan and benchmarks for managing sub-consultants, and made recommendations for enhancing project databases, program interfaces, and client relations.

Bechtel Logo
Quick Summary
· GIS Director
· Application Development
· Project Management
   GIS Project Manager Spring 1998 - Fall 1998 


Lima, Peru  

Lead GIS Manager for Camisea Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Project. Developed Enterprise GIS program from the ground up to become the central repository for mission-critical engineering and environmental information. Collected data, designed databases, and developed map and document production system to make information available project-wide.

Coordinated with engineers, health and safety personnel, and environmental teams to develop modular map generation system capable of producing alignment sheets customized for each work task. Worked with survey teams in the field to develop data collection and processing methods.
[Read related article]

Integrated data from a wide variety of sources including scanned topographic maps, satellite and aerial photos, survey data, and geological field reports.

SCO Logo
Quick Summary
· Online GIS
· Internet Application Development
   Internet and GIS Specialist Fall 1997 - Spring 1998 

Social Change Online

Sydney, Australia  

Created GIS mapping system capable of retrieving and assimilating data from a variety of sources distributed across the Internet. Used CGI, JavaScript, and HTML to create a flexible and user-friendly interface for displaying the data in a browser window.

Developed sophisticated Internet Publishing application to allow non-technical users to build and maintain complex web sites. Combined HTML design, JavaScript, and extensive CGI programming to create a highly customizable application that can be readily integrated into a variety of websites.

Waterways Logo Quick Summary
· GIS Application Development
· Cartographic Design
· Extensive ArcInfo Programming
   GIS Consultant Spring 1997 - Summer 1997 


Sydney, Australia  

Designed and developed GIS plot management and cartographic production applications. Wrote MapWizard, an easy to use publication quality map production system, based around a wizard-style interface. [View sample maps.] Developed several specialized applications to simplify and enhance in-house map production process. Provided advice and assistance with a variety of GIS and cartographic design issues.

Planning Dep't Logo
Quick Summary
· Project Management
· Information Technology
· Transportation Modeling
· ArcInfo & ArcView Programming
· HTML & Java Programming
   Senior Transportation Planner Fall 1995 - Winter 1997 

Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture

Doha, Qatar  [see map]

Responsible for establishing and running Qatar's Transportation Planning Unit. Helped develop first comprehensive national transportation model for the State of Qatar. Conducted parking studies and local area traffic analysis. Designed and programmed ArcView and ArcInfo applications for collection and manipulation of landuse data and development of zoning regulations. Enhanced ArcInfo - EMME/2 interface software, adding features and developing new techniques for viewing and manipulating transportation model data in GIS. Created tools for sharing data between EMME/2 and TRAF/Netsim, a traffic modeling program.

Responsible for establishing framework and techniques for electronically publishing official documents such as the Qatar Commercial Manual and Doha Zoning Regulations using HTML and JavaScript. Member of ArcView Developer's Group, a small team of senior ArcView programming staff responsible for creating and disseminating coding standards, programming techniques, and methods of solving various ArcView application development problems.

Metro Logo Quick Summary
· Information Technology
· Transportation Modeling
· ArcInfo & ArcView Programming
   Transportation Planner Summer 1993 - Fall 1995 


Portland, Oregon  

Designed and ran computer models to forecast traffic, congestion, and air quality for the Portland Metropolitan Region. Created project management system and data conversion software for ArcInfo and EMME/2, drastically simplifying the building of traffic networks, while greatly expanding modeling possibilities. Wrote object-oriented macro language for EMME/2, allowing rapid creation of easily readable EMME/2 macros.

Gained extensive experience programming and using ArcInfo, ArcView, MTX, EMME/2, and MOBILE5a. Automated much of the the air quality modeling process, and created tools to view and manipulate model data in visual form. Designed system for making historical traffic count data available on-line by creating a series of interactive World Wide Web pages using ArcInfo.

Eykamp & Associates Logo Quick Summary
· Transportation Consulting
· ArcInfo Programming
· International Work
   International Consultant Spring 1993 - Present 

Eykamp & Associates

Various Locations  

Worked as an independent consultant. Developed travel survey validation algorithm and programs, and created a customized version of ArcInfo - EMME/2 interface software for Qatar's Physical Development Plan. Conducted traffic count surveys, performed system administration tasks, and taught seminars on popular software programs for clients in Oregon.

Cornell/NFS Logo Quick Summary
· Original Laboratory Research
· Published Paper
   Bioremediation Researcher Summer 1991 

Cornell University / National Science Foundation

Ithaca, New York  

Designed experiments and conducted research on the biological degradation of common groundwater pollutants under anaerobic conditions. Created computer model to track and analyze experiment results. Wrote and presented a paper detailing research findings.

Sverdrup Logo Quick Summary
· Engineering Internship
· Environmental Permits
· Computer Programming
   Civil Engineering Intern Winter 1989 - Summer 1990 

Sverdrup Corp.

Boston, Massachusetts  

Performed a variety of civil and environmental engineering tasks, including environmental permitting for Boston's expanding commuter rail system, highway routing, cost takeoffs, and various computer programming projects, such as simplifying the contract cost-estimation system.

BioShelters Logo Quick Summary
· Environmental Engineering
· Economic Forecasting
· Laboratory Work
   Engineering Technician Summer 1988 

BioShelters, Inc.

Amherst, Massachusetts  

Designed, built, and operated intensive aquaculture and hydroponic farming systems. Helped design oxygen sparging, fish breeding, and waste treatment systems. Performed extensive water quality testing and analysis. Created computer system for tracking nutrient and pollutant levels over time, and developed financial and economic forecasting models.

Cornell Logo Quick Summary
· BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering
· Honor Society


     Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, December, 1991
  • GPA: 3.3, Dean's List (4 times)
  • Chi Epsilon (Civil Engineering Honor Society)
  • E.I.T. Licensed Member of American Society of Civil Engineers
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
  • Study Abroad, Fall 1989
  • High Distinction
ESRI GIS Training Courses, Various locations
  • AML and SDE
  • Advanced ArcInfo
  • GRID Training


Published Articles

  "Distribted Network Backups – An Alternate to Tape"

ArcUser Magazine, Fall 2000.

An exploration of alternative backup strategies for GIS shops and other small to medium-sized organizations.

"Mixing Perl and AML"

ArcUser Magazine, Fall 1999.

An outline of methodologies and techniques for embedding Perl routines into AML programs to dramatically enhance performance and power.

"GIS and Transportation Modeling"

The PLANetworks, Spring 1997.

A discussion of the strategies and benefits of linking Transportation Modeling systems to GIS, and an overview of how the two types of systems can compliment one another. Co-written with John Sutton, Director of Transportation Planning at GIS/Trans.

"EMME/2 Helps Transportation Planners"

ArcNews, Winter 1995.

An explanation of my interface between ArcInfo and EMME/2. Describes methods of using the two programs together to manage and build multiple simulation networks, pass data between the two systems, and enhance traffic modeling and display capabilities.

"Anaerobic Degradation of Vinyl Chloride"

Summary Reports: REU Laboratory Research, August 1991.

A presentation of the results of my research into feasibility of using microbes to detoxify common groundwater pollutants.

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