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Scalebar Docs
· Introduction
· Selecting a Style
· Positioning the Scalebar
· Specifying Units
· Displaying the Scale As Text
· Controlling the Number of Intervals
· Text Attributes
· Scalebars With Multiple Units
· Adding a Wrapper to Your Scalebar
· The Scalebar Gallery
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Adding a Wrapper to Your Scalebar

If you find a particular combination of settings produces a scalebar that you particularly like, you can create a "standard" scalebar AML by creating a scalebar wrapper. A wrapper is a simple AML which sets the scalebar parameters and runs the Ultimate Scalebar AML. When you want to create your standard scalebar, simply run the wrapper program instead of the scalebar directly. Your wrapper could be very simple, or it could be more complex, allowing various command line parameters to control its behavior, for example, permitting the user to specify one of a group of predefined scalebars.

The use of a properly configured wrapper program allows your scalebars to remain consistent on different plots created by different users across your entire organization.

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