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Scalebar Docs
· Introduction
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· Positioning the Scalebar
· Specifying Units
· Displaying the Scale As Text
· Controlling the Number of Intervals
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· Scalebars With Multiple Units
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Specifying the Scalebar Units

You can specify the units you want your scalebar to appear in by setting the global variable .scalebar$units. Currently supported units are: feet, miles, nautical miles, meters, and kilometers, which must be referred to by the standard abbreviations ft, mi, M, m, and km respectively.

If you want: Set .scalebar$units to:
feet ft
miles mi
nautical miles M
meters m
kilometers km

If .scalebar$units is not set, then the units will default to kilometers if your mapunits are centimeters or meters, and to miles otherwise.

If your units are set to meters, then the scalebar units will automatically be converted to kilometers if the scalebar values get to big. Likewise, kilometers will be converted to meters at smaller scales. To disable this feature, set the global variable .scalebar$noconvert to .TRUE.

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