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Scalebar Docs
· Introduction
· Selecting a Style
· Positioning the Scalebar
· Specifying Units
· Displaying the Scale As Text
· Controlling the Number of Intervals
· Text Attributes
· Scalebars With Multiple Units
· Adding a Wrapper to Your Scalebar
· The Scalebar Gallery
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Changing the Text Attributes of
the Scalebar Numbers and Units

You can control the size of the text used to draw the numbers and units on the scalebar with the variables .scalebar$textsize. If the variable .scalebar$textsize is not set, the textsize will default to be the same as the bar height specified on the command line.

By default, all text associated with the scalebar will be drawn with the font Triumvirate Condensed. This font is good for general purpose maps, and will work well in most cases. You can change fonts by setting the variable .scalebar$font to any font recognized by ArcInfo.

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