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Drawing Scalebars With Multiple Units

Although the Ultimate Scalebar provides no direct support for scalebars showing multiple units, they can easily be constructed. For example, you might want a scalebar showing both kilometers and nautical miles. By running the scalebar AML twice, the following multi-unit scalebar can be created:

Scalebar Showing Both Kilometers and Nautical Miles

This double scalebar was created with the following AML:

&dv .scalebar$*               /* Delete any existing scalebar variables

&s .scalebar$textsize = .15
&s .scalebar$units = km       /* Set the scalebar units to kilometers
&s .scalebar$barstyle = 3
&s .scalebar$numstyle = 1     /* Put the numbers on top of the scalebar
&r scalebar 1 1 6 .1          /* Draw the bottom scalebar at 1,1

&s .scalebar$units = M        /* Set the scalebar units to nautical miles
&s .scalebar$numstyle = 2     /* Put the numbers on the bottom

&r scalebar 1 1.2 6 .1        /* Draw the top scalebar at 1,1.2

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