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Scalebar Docs
· Introduction
· Selecting a Style
· Positioning the Scalebar
· Specifying Units
· Displaying the Scale As Text
· Controlling the Number of Intervals
· Text Attributes
· Scalebars With Multiple Units
· Adding a Wrapper to Your Scalebar
· The Scalebar Gallery
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Welcome to the Ultimate Scalebar

The Ultimate Scalebar is a freeware ArcInfo scalebar drawing utility. It features an easy-to-use command line syntax, and offers a myriad of different bar, numbering, and unit styles.

The Ultimate Scalebar was developed at Waterways by . Special thanks to Rob Colless, Susan Norbom, and Ed Knowles for their help and support in this project.

>>> Download the Ultimate Scalebar <<<

Quick Start

To draw a simple scalebar onto your display, make sure that the scalebar AML is in your local directory or in a directory on your &amlpath, and type the following at the Arcplot prompt:

Arcplot: &r scalebar 1 1 6 .15

Depending on your current mapscale, you should see a scalebar with 5 intervals that looks something like this:

Scalebar in meters

The "0" should be resting somewhere just above point (1,1), the bar will be .15 units tall and somewhat less that 6 units long.

Command Line Syntax

The basic syntax for running the scalebar AML is as follows:

scalebar <xpos> <ypos> <width> <height> {getsize}

xpos yposx,y coordinates of scalebar position point, in page units
widthThe maximum width of the scalebar (Note that while the scalebar will not be longer than this width, it may be a bit shorter to ensure that it appears with nice, round numbers.)
heightThe height of the scalebar itself, without considering any associated text
{getsize}Adding getsize to the command line will instruct the scalebar AML to return the size and position of the scalebar graphic rather than draw it

There are also a number of global variables that can be used to adjust the appearance and positioning of the scalebar. These are summarized in the following table:

VariableMeaningDefault Value
.scalebar$justification Set the scalebar justificationleft
.scalebar$textsize Set the textsize for the scale units and numbersEqual to bar height specified on command line
.scalebar$font Font used to label the scalebarTriumvirate Condensed
.scalebar$intervals Number of intervals to be drawn on scalebar5
.scalebar$validintervals Allowed values for largest number on scalebar1   2.5    5   7.5
.scalebar$units Units in which scalebar will be drawnKilometers if mapunits are centimeters or meters, miles otherwise
.scalebar$barstyle Bar style for scalebar1
.scalebar$numstyle Style for scalebar unit label1 (numbers above the scalebar)
.scalebar$unitstyle Style for scalebar unit label1 (abbreviated unit following the final number on the scalebar)
.scalebar$scalestyle Style for "Scale:" text0 (not printed)
.scalebar$scaleradix Radix for scale text<none>
.scalebar$scaleround Rounding factor for scale text1 (rounds to nearest integer)
.scalebar$mapscale Manual override for mapscaleOption not enabled

Advanced Topics

More information is available on the following topics:

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