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index of gis tools

Welcome to the GIS Tools section of - the largest portion of the site. The tools are arranged into three sections, grouped loosely by functionality. Be sure to look through all the sections, because there is some overlap between them.

ArcInfo Workstation Map Production and Data Handling Tools

Ultimate Scalebar

An AML that draws a variety of scalebars easily and quickly. This is simply the best scalebar utility available, is easy to use, and is very well documented.

Supercharge your AMLs with Embedded Perl Code

This article presents an outline of methodologies and techniques for embedding Perl routines into AML programs to dramatically enhance performance and power. If you use AML for any intensive processing, you should look into this technique.

ArcUser Magazine, Fall 1999

TrueType Fonts

Learn how to install TrueType fonts in ArcInfo and use them on your maps. Windows NT comes with a number of TrueType fonts, and there are many interesting fonts available for download on the Internet. In addition to being more interesting, TrueType fonts have superior print quality when compared to those that come standard with ArcInfo Workstation.


An AML to convert ArcInfo list output to standard comma-separated-file format. This tool makes it easy to put data selected by spatial or other query in Arc, ArcEdit, or ArcPlot into a standard format for export or additional processing.

Passing Parameters in AML  

A short snippet of AML code that provides a standard, flexible, and easy way to pass parameters to other AML programs.

Publish your maps in PDF   coming soon!

A pair of AMLs that makes it easy to create and publish single or multi-page map-books in PDF format, without investing in Adobe Distiller or ArcPress. This toolkit is particularly good for distributing maps electronically, either for proofing or for printing, and is a great way to assemble electronic map-books containing many similar maps. Because PDF is compressed internally, the files are small, and because it is so easy to view them, PDF files are ideal for retaining reference and archival copies of your maps. These tools can also be used to print a series of maps at once, bypassing the laborious ArcPress dialog under Windows NT.
NT only, but could easily be modified to work under UNIX.

Transportation Related

GIS and Transportation Modeling

A discussion of the strategies and benefits of linking Transportation Modeling systems to GIS, and an overview of how the two types of systems can compliment one another. Co-written with John Sutton, Director of Transportation Planning at GIS/Trans.

The PLANetworks, Spring 1997

EMME/2 Helps Transportation Planners

An explanation of my interface between ArcInfo and EMME/2. Describes methods of using the two programs together to manage and build multiple simulation networks, pass data between the two systems, and enhance traffic modeling and display capabilities.

ArcNews, Winter 1995

2.11 Toolbox   temporarily off-line (See the archival version here)

Maintain your EMME/2 networks in ArcInfo. Export simulation networks to EMME/2, and re-import the results to display your transportation data on top of your pre-existing GIS data. Intuitive graphical interface. Full documentation and source code available.
UNIX only, but could be modified to work under NT

Other Tools

Distributed Network Backups - An Alternative to Tape  

An exploration of alternative backup strategies for GIS shops and other small to medium-sized organizations.

ArcUser Magazine, Fall 2000

GIS Data Synchronizer  

A little program to help keep datasets in sync across different machines. Great for updating copies of data stored on laptops. Can be administered remotely.
NT Only

Standard ArcMap Palette

Do you like the standard ArcMap palette? Here are the names and RGB values for all 120 colors.

Generating Alignment Sheets in ArcInfo

How GIS was used to generate alignment sheets for the Camisea Gas Pipeline Project in Peru.

Online GIS with Java   coming soon!

Two extremely lightweight Java applets that provide GIS-like capabilities.

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