I watched Thomas play soccer yesterday. He played well, and even scored, which is unusual as he plays defence. But then again, everyone else on his team scored too (including, I think, the goalie). You see, the team they were playing consisted of very small children, a few still in diapers, one still learning to walk. Thomas’ team was filled with burly 7 year-olds, some sporting pimples and wisps of facial hair. After every goal scored (and there were many), the opposing team kicked the ball straight into the pack of Thomas’ teammates who had come forward for a share in the slaughter. Thomas and his teammates would fight each other for the ball, the victor would dribble, shoot, score. Lather, rinse, repeat. It was a bit like watching a replay of Germany’s 1940 match against Luxembourg, before they took on the French. The final score was 437 to -1.

Ah the vagaries of village soccer leagues!

[minor historical note: the game in question actually took place in the spring of 2007]