I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that we have a new member of the family, and hopefully a temporary one (though I suppose that in the long run we’re all temporary). A well-pierced passing driver noticed a rabbit in our yard, stopped, captured it, and assuming it had escaped from our house, rang our bell to return it to us. (Ignoring for the moment that you can hardly see into our yard from a passing auto, I do have to ask why someone would pause their journey to capture a small domestic animal in a stranger’s yard, only to give it to said stranger, but then I many not be fully versed in all the finer subtleties of German culture.)

Well, the rabbit wasn’t ours, and our neighbors who have a couple of rabbits of their own, claim theirs are all present and accounted for. That leaves only one possibility — the slugs that terrorize our garden have brought in an ally to complete the destruction they have started. There is no other rational explanation. Rabbit soup is on the menu for tomorrow. Along with shelless escargots.