Boy are there a lot of slugs here. I thought I’d seen it all in Oregon, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

To try to clear the garden in front of our house, we set a nickel bounty on each snail or slug that Thomas or Ian captured. Well, I didn’t get the cheap labor I had bargained for. Here are the capture counts since May:

Thomas Ian
46 29
215 42
130 82
87 34
97 57
6 2
159 57
Total: 740 303

In addition, Jen and I have caught another 794 between us.

This represents a total payout of $37 to Thomas and $15.15 to Ian. Compared to their 50ยข allowance, that looks like easy money.

And there’s still plenty more out there, chewing our basil plants down to little green nubs. How are people supposed to have a garden with this much competition?