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This site is no longer actively maintained. The GIS tools are now a decade old, and the resume is a bit outdated.
But the travel stories are still good, so enjoy them!
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Check out the GIS tools I have developed over the years. They are all free, and come with documentation and source code. Get the Ultimate Scalebar for ArcInfo, publish your maps in PDF (without Distiller), read tips for enhancing your maps and applications. There's stuff for ArcInfo, MapObjects, and several non-vendor specific GIS utilities. I have over fifteen years experience working with ArcInfo, ArcView, and other GIS technologies. I have developed numerous GIS applications using AML, Avenue, Visual Basic, MapObjects, and the Internet. I am experienced at building GIS systems from the ground up, and can tackle the tough issues that come with developing and expanding the capabilities of more mature systems. If you like to travel, you might enjoy reading some of my travel journals and letters home.

Letter from Okinawa
Give My Horse Feed!
Traveling in Uzbekistan
Anatomy of a Taxi Ride

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